Colorful Soxstory socks
In the Soxstory socks store you will find colorful socks for everyone and for every occasion. We sell our products individually so that everyone has the opportunity to create the perfect pair according to their own aesthetic sense. Our brand comes from Roztocze, Poland, and its origins date back to 2015. Online socks store – is a 100% Polish family company. Our colorful socks are always made of high quality combed cotton, the content of which is over 85%. Socks do not lose color, do not dye and are extremely durable. Several times a year we release new, unique designs. In the package from our brand you will find socks clipped with eco-label and a soxstory sticker. Do you need more stickers? Go on! We will definitely answer. For us, creating colorful socks is a passion. The socks store is not a business for us. We leave business to businessmen. So if you do something, go ahead

Check who has already visited our online socks store
Already many known and liked people are wearing our colorful socks: rappers – Masta Ace, Rahim, Pelson, W.E.N.A, Hades, Sughar, VNM, ZetHa, Borixon, Emes, Profeat, SinSen, Wujek Samo Zło, Jędker; DJs – DJ Kebs, DJ Noriz, Diamonds DJs; the best dunkers in Poland – Łukasz Biedny, Rafał “Lipek” Lipiński, Damian “Hadzbe” Harsze, Piotrek “Grabo” Grabowski and Jakub “Sąsiad” Heyer; we also support basketball players, skateboarders, bmx riders, bicycle and scooter riders. Do you do something cool and you have achievements? Are you a creative person? Please let us know! We will gladly support your activities. Or maybe you came up with a unique sox idea? Write to us!

We sponsor numerous sporting events and competitions. From the beginning of Soxstory, our colorful socks can be won at the biggest skate / bmx event in Roztocze – Pokaż Skillsy. We work with many Polish companies, including ATAF, Scribbles, Yelen, Phenotype, Zoology Clothing, Husisain. You can also buy our socks at,,, Soxstory is not just an online socks store. You can also find products from our offer at: G11 in Tomaszów Lubelski, Trust in Lubycza Królewska, Hola Design & Cafe and Adzietam in Zamość, CSK and Skate Town in Lublin.

Colorful socks for every occasion
In the Soxstory socks store you will also find colorful socks that will work in every situation. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a gift socks or for a church sock. The enormity of the designs we offer will surely make sure that everyone, even the most picky consumer, will find something for themselves. Well, but you have to choose carefully, right? Oh, not really, because we see it a bit differently. With us, colorful socks can be combined without any restrictions. And this is probably a total variation! Won’t anyone who receives this type of unexpected set from a socks store be surprised? We encourage you to explore our store so that you can choose the most suitable variants of socks for you.

So buy soxstory socks for your birthday. Buy them also for Valentine’s Day or Women’s Day. Give each other also without any reason. After all, coloring someone else’s world without even a slight undertone is crazy and unusually nice. And we have colorful socks in almost every corner. Rediscover us every day. We are constantly presenting new designs of colorful socks, and when some are ending we consider the possibility of creating them. Although, our main idea is to release limited products. Products that will not reach everyone at an affordable price. And that’s why it’s worth buying soxes right away so you don’t miss any of the designs we’ve shared.

Colorful socks for everyone
Although we came up with the idea that we will be releasing new, limited designs from time to time, this does not mean that colorful socks from the socks store are not for everyone. The affordable price of our products means that literally anyone can buy them. We hope that you agree with us in this matter and are already starting to choose a pair or a few seemingly mismatched colorful socks. And with this issue of limiting products it is so that if someone hurries, he will not be late. And if a few people tell us that they want a reissue and show us specific colored socks, we will do it. So catch us on Instagram or Facebook. After all, we are not for a blind idea, but for you dear users of what is beautiful, colorful and happy!

Colorful socks not only for the weekend
Colorful socks from the socks store are not only suitable for crazy city breaks. Our socks can also be used on completely different days of the week. After all, the variety of colors and designs means that elegance will find something for everyone. And elegant too. Because our colorful socks are for everyone. And that’s why soxy socks purchased in our store will work all week. You will not only be able to go crazy at a Saturday or Friday party, but also go to school in them. Do also work. Some of our sock designs also match the suit. So for sure everyone will find something for themselves!
Your feet will definitely love Soxstory!